Kaadas at CES 2024: “The Best Way to Create Disruption is Through Collaboration”

Kaadas at CES 2024: “The Best Way to Create Disruption is Through Collaboration”

During CES 2024, Nick English, the CEO of Kaadas in North America, shared his insights at the Parks Associates CONNECTIONS™ Summit.


Nick English, CEO of North America, Kaadas, speaks on the "Enhancing Home Security: Protecting What Matters" panel at CES 2024.

Las Vegas, NV – February 2024 - In a thought-provoking panel discussion titled "Enhancing Home Security: Protecting What Matters," hosted by Parks Associates, Nick English, the CEO of Kaadas in North America, highlighted that the best way to create disruption is through collaboration. English also announced that 2024 will be an expansion year for Kaadas as they plan to delve deeper into the North American market.


English was recognized by Parks Associates as one of the top leaders in the Connected Home and Security industry for 2023. English's impressive career spans over two decades and includes 15 years of experience at ADT. His leadership experience uniquely positions him as a key influencer within the industry.


Throughout the course of the panel discussion, English addresses Kaadas's journey into the North American market, stating, "While Kaadas is relatively new to North America, the company has been in business for over 30 years. It has been selling electronic locks exclusively for the last 14 years. It is number one in seven different Asian countries, leading innovation and technology. Kaadas is a well-established company around the world, just new to North America."



English emphasized the importance of collaboration in creating comprehensive home automation systems that prevent disruptions and educating consumers about the value of these systems in response to the growing demand for remote control solutions. He highlighted the significance of smart locks in enhancing overall home security and encouraged customers to try smart locks for convenience and peace of mind. "People who have never used electronic door locks are missing out on something great," English said. Connected door locks are gaining prominence as consumers recognize their integral role in overall security.


Looking ahead to 2024, English outlined expansion plans for Kaadas in North America, highlighting the company's focus on gaining partnerships and the prospect of introducing multifamily-specific locks at ISC West 2024. With a commitment to education and innovation, Kaadas aims to make 2024 a year of substantial growth and market presence.


Kaadas has been at the forefront of security innovation for over 35 years, establishing the benchmark with cutting-edge solutions. As a leading player in the smart lock industry, Kaadas fulfills a vital role in meeting the rising need for smart technology. Using innovation and cooperation, Kaadas aims to introduce more high-quality, high-tech products to the North American market, injecting fresh momentum into the industry.


For more information about Kaadas and its innovative electronic locks, visit www.kaadassolutions.com.


Nick English

The CEO of North America, Kaadas, has been named one of the top leaders in the Connected Home and Security industry for 2023 by Parks Associates.


About Kaadas

Kaadas is a certified high-tech company with 35+ years of dedication to the lock industry. Headquartered in "China's Silicon Valley," Shenzhen, the company focuses on key pillars such as product research, development, manufacturing, sales, and extraordinary customer service. At the beginning of 2023, Kaadas expanded into the North American market with Wi-Fi and Z-Wave smart lock solutions.

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