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Our lines of traditional electronic locks, as well as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Z-Wave connected smart lock solutions are now available in North America.

Upgrade to Keyless Entry

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Modern & traditional style options available

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Dust & Water Proof

Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

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Multiple Ways to Unlock

Tired of keys? Unlock your door in less than a second with a touch of a finger, a tap in the app, or entering customized codes.

*Access ways may be different depending on the products.

The Kaadas Difference

  • Integration

    End-to-end product development

  • Around the World

    The Kaadas footprint spans 6 continents and over 36 countries

  • Partnership

    Established Long-term Partnerships with Leading Service Providers

  • Technology

    400+ Patents and Copyrights

Our Strengths

  • Over 38 years of dedication

  • 3 state-of-the-art factories

  • Research & Development

From the lock handle Mr. Su made in 1986, Kaadas made its debut into the lock industry. Since inception, we have evolved from mechanical to smart locks, and local to global businesses. Our high-tech and revolutionary smart lock solutions have served millions of homes and businesses worldwide.

Kaadas products are manufactured across three wholly-owned plants that are home to our innovative in-house R&D team.

With hundreds of research and development engineers engage in electronics, mechanical, industrial design, firmware, testing, app and cloud development, Kaadas is well-equipped to deliver cutting-edge solutions that match tomorrow's demand.