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KA227-V Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Smart Deadbolt Lock with Dual Fingerprint Sensors


■ 1080P HD video camera with live view ​
■ 2-Way Audio & live video monitoring and recording ​
■ 3D biometric fingerprint sensor, recognizes your fingerprint in 0.3s ​
■ Remotely control lock or view status from anywhere via Kaadas App ​
■ Local storage, no monthly fee ​
■ Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant ​
■ Up to 20 user PIN codes & 50 fingerprints​ ​
■ Includes wireless chime with up to 20 meters range ​
■ 4000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery with USB-C port ​
■ Compatible with existing door prep, easy to DIY ​
■ Backlit touchpad to enhance visibility ​
■ ANSI/BHMA Grade 2 certified ​
■ IP65 rated dust and water proof

Access Ways

Fingerprint | Kaadas Home App | PIN Code
Mechanical Key | Wi-Fi

Safety Functions

Auto Lock | Fake PIN Code | Lockout Mode
Away Mode | Motion Detection | Live View
Night Vision | 2-Way Audio

5 Ways to Unlock

  • Kaadas Home App

    Lock/unlock/check lock status remotely via the Kaadas Home App. Create a Scheduled PIN Code, Temporary PIN Code, or Permanent PIN Code through your phone.

  • Fingerprint

    Dual 3D Biometric Fingerprint Sensor, securely recognizes your fingerprint in 0.3s. Stores up to 50 fingerprints for family members.

  • PIN Code

    Easily unlock your door with PIN codes. Supports up to 20 PIN Codes ranging from 4 to 10 digits.

  • Voice Assistant

    The Kaadas KA227-V Wi-Fi locks fit seamlessly into your existing smart home. Works with Alexa or Google voice assistant to make your life more convenient.

  • Backup Keyway

    Comes with two keys for constant access to your home.

Control the smart lock from anywhere through Kaadas Home App
Control the smart lock with voice assistant

Get to know our KA227-V Wi-Fi video lock

See, talk to, and welcome your guests from your smartphone with the Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Smart Deadbolt.

Video smart lock capture delivery guy visit

Your Doorway in High-Definition

Monitor your home with a clear view of who stops by with the Built-in 1080 HD Video Camera, even at night.

Man saying hi to visitor through smart lock

Two-Way Audio & Remotely Unlock

Say hi to the visitors at your door and let them in by remotely unlocking the door via the Kaadas Home App.

Motion Detection & Alerts

Receive alerts when activity is detected at your front door.

Woman using app to set schedule pin code

Manage Access via the App

Manage PIN codes and fingerprints for family members, friends, guests, or tenants anytime, anywhere.
- Schedule PIN Code
- Temporary PIN Code
- Permanent PIN Code

Auto Lock

Set your lock to automatically lock after a certain period of time.

Delay Options: Disabled, 10s - 180s Adjustable.

Door Sensor

Monitor whether the door is open or closed - no more return trips home to check your door.

Includes Wireless Chime

Extend the doorbell up to 20 meters range and 5 volume levels. You can plug it into any room and never miss a visitor.

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